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Sunnybank, Monday April 7 2003, 6.30pm

Sunnybank, Monday April 7 2003, 6.30pm

A man observed three red lights in succession to the NE at an initial angle of elevation of about 60 degrees, the size and brightness of a dim star. The first descended slowly on a diagonal path to the right to about 55 degrees elevation over about ten seconds and faded out. About a minute later another red light did the same thing in the same place in the sky. A third light descended about half the distance of the earlier lights and then continued moving horizontally to the right for a further 20 seconds before fading away. It was also observed with binoculars, but no additional details were seen. There were no clouds in the part of sky being observed. About 10 minutes later an F-111 aircraft arrived and flew around the area for about half an hour. He obtained pictures of the plane.


Sunnybank, Queensland, Australia


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