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Sunnybank Hills, Friday February 10 2006, 10:00pm

Sunnybank Hills, Friday February 10 2006, 10:00pm

On Friday 10 February 2006, I was sitting outside talking to one of our visitors. There was cloud cover but no rain or storm activity. While chatting I noticed in the sky to the south what I took to be the lights of a plane travelling west. Something didn’t seem right though and my conversation dwindled as I tried to make out what it was. The lights were travelling at what could have been normal aircraft speed and a normal altitude but the lights seemed a bit large. As I watched, the twin lights made an exact 90 degree turn and travelled north towards me. I thought perhaps it wasn’t an aircraft but a reflection from something? But as they approached they were seen as balls of brilliant white light with a tinge of blue. All of a sudden, as they neared, they separated into a V-formation and absolutely SHOT over my head. No way of telling how high they were, although they seemed larger as they went overhead with incredible speed. There was absolutely NO noise from them. It was so unusual that I glanced at my watch and noted that it was 10:30pm. The visitor was sitting side on to what I was viewing and said that she did see light out of the corner of her eye but nothing more. Needless to say everyone else is laughing – I’m not. I have since spoken to my mother about this. She and my father and brother had previously seen lights back in 1998. Their sighting was from Denman, NSW, when two orange-red lights came to play in the next door neighbour’s garden. Five hours later at 11.30 that night Brisbane Airport was closed because of strange light formations. Their “lights” didn’t look or behave in the same manner as the ones I saw. What I witnessed on Friday night still leaves me shaking my head…. From one totally amazed witness!


Sunnybank Hills, Queensland, Australia


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