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Suburban Melbourne, Saturday July 15 2006, 3.00am

Suburban Melbourne, Saturday July 15 2006, 3.00am

On Saturday the 15th of July, around 3.00pm in the afternoon, I was taking a nap on my bed to get rid of a seriously painful migraine that had been bugging me for the past week. I was zoning in and out of sleep when I heard a noise outside my window. My bed’s right next to my window, and my window overlooks the driveway between the neighbour’s house and mine. It sounded like a stereotypical UFO sound out of some lame B-grade flick. I double-checked to make sure I was fully awake, and tried looking through the crack in my curtains to see what it was, and suddenly I was completely paralysed. It was like some kind of force had grabbed me and frozen me in place to prevent me from looking outside. Every muscle in my body was rigidly tense, my eyes were glued to the ceiling, and my jaw was clenched so tight I couldn’t make a sound. During this time, I caught a glimpse through the curtains of a shadows passing by the light, as if something was either above my house, or right next to my window! For a few seconds I fought this ‘force’ by trying to turn my head towards the window, and eventually it stopped. The noise was still outside for a few seconds, but when I regained my senses and opened the curtains it quickly faded away, and I saw nothing more. Strangely, after my little ‘fit’, my migraine was completely gone and didn’t return for a few days.

Three days later at midnight I was still struggling to get to sleep after that experience, when I heard a chattering/chirping in the driveway outside my window. It sounded very bird-like, but definitely intelligible! I thought at first that perhaps a bird had fallen out of a nearby tree, broken a wing, and was calling 000… or something else ‘semi-rational.’ Then I heard a similar chatter respond to the first, and the more I listened, the more I figured that there were at least two of whatever was out there, and they were talking to each other. Then there was a loud slapping noise that sounded like footsteps, and that’s when I started getting seriously frightened. I tried peeking out of the curtains once, but the chatter immediately died down. I eventually forced myself to get to sleep, though before I fell asleep I heard the chatter continue. When I woke up the next morning, my migraine had returned.

So I’ve concluded three things: there is SOMETHING out there that it’s interested in me… and that B-grade alien flicks have done quite an accurate job with the UFO sound effects. Just for the record, I’m a mentally healthy 18 year-old from Melbourne’s suburbs, and have no history of mental illness, migraines, or of imagining things which aren’t there. I’ve had a recent check-up with my doctor, and things still seem perfectly normal.


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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