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Strathpine, May 11 2008, 1.15pm

Strathpine, May 11 2008, 1.15pm

My wife and I just saw two glowing white objects moving in and out of clouds above Strathpine today at 13:15pm. We were looking up at the dark clouds as we walked to the Westfield mall, and noticed a bright white object beneath the clouds, moving slowly. It started to move away from us then turned back towards us. It didn’t look like a plane especially because of the change of direction. It then moved west and seemed to either disappear or move into the clouds at a constant speed.

Then the next object appeared. It looked exactly the same as the first but was closer and maybe several kilometres from where the other vanished. It hovered and moved slowly beneath the clouds for about two minutes before ascending into the clouds and out of sight. The objects were west of the Westfield mall in Strathpine. Looking east we saw a plane heading north from the airport and climbing. The plane was higher altitude than the objects, yet we could still easily see the wings and tail, yet the two unidentified objects seemed like glowing white orbs, quite bright even though they were in the shade of the dark clouds above them, and there were no apparent wings or any change in shape as they moved slowly about.

Also at 4:30am the next morning as I got home from work, I stopped to look at the stars for a few minutes before going inside and noticed a bright white streak of light at incredible speed heading north. It didn’t look like a meteorite to me as I have seen a lot of them in the past. A few minutes later I was still looking up, this time south, and I noticed a very similar bright white streak heading south. I am going to have to carry a camera from now on I think.


Strathpine, Queensland, Australia


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