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Stanthorpe, Qld, April 13/14 2010 (relates to previous report)

Stanthorpe, Qld, April 13/14 2010 (relates to previous report)

Just an update — we have had sightings again over the past two nights approximately 15 degrees further to the north and much further away. One object was watched by my partner and her aunt at approximately 730pm Tuesday 13/4/10 to the south of Stanthorpe. It was moving in a slow pendulum style movement until a rescue helicopter heading to our hospital from Brisbane was over the township. The object made several high speed loops then shot to the east at amazing speed. It was emitting the same colourful lights and very bright white lights emitting from one side until it shot off. It was obvious that it was moving at great speed as it took barely a second to disappear from sight. Mmy partner’s Aunt was, until this sighting, a total UFO sceptic. She has now in a week watched three such objects acting in similar ways over the district.


Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia


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