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Stanthorpe, Qld, April 10 2010, 11.10pm

Stanthorpe, Qld, April 10 2010, 11.10pm

Myself and my partner watched a bright light in the western sky from 11:10 pm until 11:30 pm approximately. We watched the object from Stanthorpe township in the border ranges of Queensland. Its position was west south west of the town and it seemed to be situated over the Pikedale Station area between Stanthorpe and Texas. It presented as a very bright light with many luminous colours (blues reds yellows greens and oranges) emitting at very fast intervals. It moved in small smooth motions in a circular downward direction similar to a spiral, then returned to its original position each time. It was not moving with the surrounding stars as it maintained a relative position with trees that surround our home. It disappeared at 11:33pm. It did not fly away, it merely vanished from the sky.


Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia


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