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Stanthorpe, March 27 2005, 7.00pm

Stanthorpe, March 27 2005, 7.00pm

I would like to report an experience I had on the 27th of March 2005 at around 7.00pm. I was alone and talking to my mother-in-law on my phone while walking down a street near the local hospital. After I got off my mobile I went to crack my neck when I noticed a light in the sky directly above me. I still had my camera phone in my hand so I quickly took a picture. I briefly looked down at the picture I took and when I looked back up seconds later the light was gone. There were no street lights, birds or planes and it was a clear night. There were no sounds, flashes of light, fumes or anything else strange in the sky. The object was an almost circle of brilliant glowing white light. Just to the left is a bright white wiggly line. To the right is a long orange shape, and to the right of that is another shape similar to the one on the left. There were no flashes or sounds and the light was steady and visible for about five seconds. I still have this photo on my phone and it is fairly clear with stars in the background. The clock on my phone recorded the time I took the picture at 8:57pm which is impossible as it was no later than 7:10pm. That night I noticed a pain in my chest. I have never before seen anything like this and am curious about what I saw.


Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia


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