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St George [?], Thursday May 6 2004

St George [?], Thursday May 6 2004

We are not members of your group but wish to tell you about two unusual incidents we experienced last Thursday evening. We knew that the 77 Squadron from Williamstown were leaving Amberley Air Base at 6pm to conduct exercises over St George and Goondoowindi before returning home, so we were hoping to see them [eight F18’s] fly over our house which is south of Amberley air base. That didn’t happen because we saw and heard planes flying north-west of us just after 6pm. I was still sitting on the verandah looking north about 6.30pm when my wife called from the kitchen window behind me to look at the large bright orange-red light coming towards us. The light appeared to stay on for about 30 seconds and then rose into the sky, went out and then became a bright white light which then went out. Shortly after, my wife was standing on the steps looking north-west and saw a large white light. I said “That’s a planet,” but then realised it wasn’t on the ecliptic. We watched it through our spotting scope [I can split Alpha Centaurus with it] and the object appeared round with an ellipse taken out of it, much like the eclipse of the moon we saw at 5.30am that morning. The light stayed stationary for about ten minutes, then suddenly diffused and went out. Sounds far fetched but that’s what we saw so I thought I’d report it. We’re both 62 years old & of sound minds [we think].


St George, Queensland, Australia


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