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Springwood, 1994, 9.00am [reported October 2004]

Springwood, 1994, 9.00am [reported October 2004]

It was a clear sunny morning with a blue cloudless sky. I think it may have been a Sunday. It was definitely a weekend. I was in my garage, and my wife was getting into our car to reverse out. I went outside to direct her into the road and as I turned around to face her I caught a glimpse of something in the sky. I realised this object was unusual, and its flight path was towards me. I looked at it for a few seconds and determined that it resembled a cylinder, though slightly irregular on its end face. It was more oval than round. It appeared to be like a bale of straw which was on fire. The ‘straw’ glowing red to yellow to red then black, like straw does. I did not hear a sound.

I called to my wife, who had started the car but hadn’t actually started to move. Running towards her excitedly I said ‘Stop! You have to see this. Where is the camera? Quickly before it goes!’ She said hurriedly that she didn’t know where the camera was, got out of the car, and ran out of the garage onto the drive. I pointed up, and to the south. It was still coming towards us, no sound, and still burning without smoke or flames. I saw no vapour trail, but it looked too low for that anyway. It moved like a hot air balloon, but its path was direct, not wavering or dependent on the wind. It was travelling fairly quickly, but not supersonic. It appeared to me to be about a few hundred feet off the ground, but since there was nothing in the sky to compare it with, I don’t really know. It passed overhead, and we turned around to see it disappear over the treetops of the houses and parks towards the north. Its speed never varied.

I said to my wife ‘I didn’t hear anything, did you?’ She said she heard a faint whining noise or a swoosh, but I heard nothing. She described the same thing as I saw, burning straw bale, cylindrical, not uniform shape, definitely on a set course. We were convinced that other people would have seen it, since we were in the suburbs with hundreds of households, but heard no reports on the radio, or the papers. I can say thank goodness my wife saw it too, else I would have thought I was seeing things!

If you asked me to ‘guesstimate’ its size I would have said between 10 and 20 metres diameter on the end, and perhaps 30 metres long, but it could have been a lot bigger. Oh yes. One last thing. I don’t recall seeing a shadow, but the sun was in the east, so any shadow it cast wouldn’t have fallen on us anyway. Pity since it may have given me some realistic idea of its height and size. It was travelling from the southwest to the northwest and could have been anything from 30 to 200 metres altitude


Springwood, Queensland, Australia


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