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Springfield Lakes, July 30, 2011

Springfield Lakes, July 30, 2011

I normally don’t report this kind of thing, but as I was trying to find some research on orbs I came across your website. My husband and I were driving home from a late movie from Redbank to Springfield Lakes (near Ipswich) and spotted bright orange balls of light in the sky. It was just before midnight, and they looked like they were hovering over our suburb, Springfield Lakes. We kept an eye on them for close to one minute. We were still moving in our vehicle, but they were too close to be stars, and they were definitely moving at a steady pace. We saw about four of them spread out from each other — clear bright orange lights. We were literally thirty seconds from home and went to get our camera, but when we returned to the area (roughly another thirty seconds later) they were gone. If they were lanterns they would still be floating in the sky, as we searched the area for another 10 minutes afterwards. We think it may have been something else.


Springfield Lakes, Queensland, Australia


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