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Spring Hill, Thursday February 13-14 2004, evening

Spring Hill, Thursday February 13-14 2004, evening

We were outside on our deck when an acquaintance noticed the light and brought it to our attention. It was like a windmill of light and very clearly outlined, with about eight separate circles spinning in unison around a main light source that was not visible. The object changed the direction of its trajectory as well as its direction of rotation as it moved across the sky rapidly. At a rough guess and using landmarks, we estimate it covered about 21 kilometres in eleven seconds. It then disappeared over the horizon, but returned two or three minutes later. It was a clear night with the stars and moon visible and the object seemed to be quite high, above normal cloud level. We managed to take some video footage with a digital camera, but the memory behaves strangely at the point where the UFO appears.


Spring Hill, Queensland, Australia


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