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Southport, Sunday May 14 2006, 11.00am

Southport, Sunday May 14 2006, 11.00am

I don’t know if this is in your field or not, but we saw something interesting when we went to Southport/Main Beach on the Gold Coast last Sunday, 14 May 2006. At about 11.00am my partner was lying on the beach looking up into the sky when he called to my attention something he saw almost directly above us. It was three very bright almost metallic lights, not very large, but in a triangular formation. They were very very high up, higher than planes go. They were almost stationary but when I watched them for a while I realised they were moving very slowly, but all at the same time. I was watching each one to see if they were moving independently or if one was going faster or slower than another, but they all seemed to be at the same speed. There seemed to be a faint white tail on each of them, but the light was so bright that it was hard to discern that. The light was like a reflected light, but it didn’t fade or wane, it remained constantly bright. I stopped watching them at that time and went back to the kids, but my partner continued watching them with some other people on the beach, and the three objects moved away towards the direction of the sun. At this point the other people who were watching pointed out that there were about seven or eight of them altogether. My partner then watched one of them as it seemed to grow brighter and moved incredibly fast towards the other ones, but as they were all in direct line with the sun and as they were moving away from us, he lost visual sighting of them. Really, if you weren’t looking up at the sky just at that moment, you wouldn’t have seen them because they were just so far up in the sky.


Southport, Queensland, Australia


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