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Southeast Queensland, Monday May 18 1998, 7.20am

Southeast Queensland, Monday May 18 1998, 7.20am

Radio and TV stations as well as newspapers were inundated with reports of sightings. Some were made at around 7.20 am, and were reported from a wide area around Brisbane as well as the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. These reports suggested that an object at an altitude of tens of km, possibly a bright meteorite was responsible for these reports, and this was in fact one explanation put out by the media. However, a number of reports which came to us did not fit this explanation. One witness at the Sunshine Coast reported an object with a very white magnesium flare head and a blue tail moving east at very high speed, seen from Coolum to Caloundra for about 10 seconds at 7.20 am. At Coolum it passed almost overhead, and seemed to arc over the sky. Another witness was driving south from Rockhampton at about this time. She saw a bright object with a tail descend at an angle of about 45 degrees. It was seen for about 4 seconds, during which it moved through an angle of view of about 45 degrees. The head of the object was round with a silver white glow and an apparent size of a 5c coin at arm’s length. It seemed to be close by and would have impacted a km away, except that no sign of an impact was noted. [Reporter’s Note: If this object was the same one as was seen some hundreds of km to the south, passing over Coolum, its apparent size would make it some kilometres in size. Also, it was seen first at an angle of elevation of about 45 degrees – too high to match the Coolum sighting.]


Southeast Queensland


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