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South of Rockhampton, 1990 [reported 2004]

South of Rockhampton, 1990 [reported 2004]

A man was driving on the highway about 30 minutes south of Rockhampton. The incident occurred in the evening when he drove up a hill to then look down into a valley. This is where he saw what he first thought was a plane about to crash but which turned out to be a cigar-shaped object about “the size of the body of the largest plane and about two storeys high” which came to hover just below tree height. He pulled his car off the road and got out to get a better look at what he was seeing.

The object travelled about 20kms/hr and silently glided over him only 15 to 20 metres above without “making a whisper”. It was very brightly lit and seemed to be shiny [not metallic] but like colour bonded steel in a “bright orange colour”. It had 10 windows around it “about 3/4 the size of an average bedroom window” which were all square at the bottom but coming to a peak at the top like “windows of a church”.

The front “windscreen” of the object had “full panel windows” [meaning from floor to ceiling] that were completely black which went right around the front and slightly around to the objects sides. The windows were so black the witness could not see anything inside and he “got the impression they were one way windows”. The object looked very solid and had “no seams” which made it look like it was “pre-finished”. It also appeared “very solid” to the witness and “well built, not like anything we have here”.

The witness said he got the impression the object was made for underwater travel as well as through the air. I quizzed him why he thought this but all he would say was “that was the impression I got”. He estimated the object to be as bright as 1000 watts and he said he “got a really good look at it since it was so close”. He also saw what seemed to be square landing pods underneath it that had “the roughness of acorns” on them “possibly for good traction”. He watched the object for 3 minutes in total “enough time to get a really good look at it”.

While he was parked and looking at the object another car came over the hill and ran off the side of the road but did not stop. It was obvious to the witness that the driver of the other car saw the object too.


Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia


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