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South Bank, December 31 2008. 8.30pm – midnight

South Bank, December 31 2008. 8.30pm – midnight

I would like to report a sighting of some unusual objects above the South Bank fireworks on New Years Eve. I was looking into the sky because I have heard UFOs can sometimes be seen around fireworks. I saw two dull objects very high side by side, one slightly behind the other as they passed directly above South Bank. They looked like satellites, but I thought it unusual that two would be so close. Then they both pulsed a bright white light at exactly the same time for one second. I was startled by that and called to some other people to look also — when they looked another object that appeared the same moved across the same part of the sky but on a slightly different angle to the other two, and the two people confirmed what I saw.

A little later I saw some more objects a lot lower in the sky, up-river from South Bank. These were different colours, bright green, red and white, about eight of them all up, but at one time there were five that could be seen, and again I called to two other people to look and they also saw the objects. However I think these objects could have been Chinese lanterns released from across the river somewhere, all were going the same direction as the wind and at different heights. The first objects I saw were very different to the objects that appeared later, as they were dull until the simultaneous pulse of bright white light, and were very high, directly above the fireworks. All the objects were seen after the 8:30 pm fireworks and before the midnight fireworks.


South Bank, South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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