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Something Seen Above North Stradbroke Island on November 11, 2018

Something Seen Above North Stradbroke Island on November 11, 2018

North Stradbroke Island – 11 November 2018. (about 2am)
My two friends and I were biology majors on a research expedition to North Stradbroke Island in early November of 2018. We were staying at the Surf Life Saving Club there and had gone out to the cliffs at about 2 in the morning on the 11th for a cigarette. We had been there for about 20 minutes, and it was so dark I couldn’t see my hand an inch in front of my face. I saw something on the horizon and thought it was an aeroplane going from Brisbane Airport to Coolangatta, and thought nothing of it until it turned around and started moving towards us, on the very end of the cliffs.
I was scared now. It got closer, and closer, a white dot of light with two red lights next to it. It got so close it was almost directly above us, so close that one of my friends hair was moving in the wind it created. But it was so dark that I couldn’t see what it was, only the lights.
I had never been scared for my life before, but then I really thought I might die. It hovered there for a moment, and I covered my eyes hoping it would go away.
It left. I don’t know how but when I uncovered my eyes it wasn’t there. And we ran away.
I’ve never been scared like that. I’m trying to convince myself it was a coastal survey drone attracted by the lights of our phone torches, but I have no idea if something like that even exists. I hope it does.


Point Lookout, N. Stradbroke Island, QLD, Australia


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