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Smithfield Highway, Arundell [Gold Coast] December 17 between 6.00-7.00am

Smithfield Highway, Arundell [Gold Coast] December 17 between 6.00-7.00am

A man was driving along the road when he observed a grey object in the sky that looked like an external water tank with a funnel or cone beneath it. He couldn’t judge the distance away from him very well but the size of the object was about that of a small house, approximately 12cm long at arm’s length and about 9cm in height. It was not moving at a fast speed, he estimated 60km per hour, and he turned off the highway to follow it for a while to get a better look, but it ‘moved miles away from him’. When he first saw the object it was around 7.30am but after chasing the object for a while he heard the ABC radio announce the time to be 6.15am Queensland time, 7.15am NSW time. His watch had stopped at 7.15am and had not started again since the incident. He was asked to have his watch checked which he did and it was found that there was nothing wrong with it although the battery was low.

He also saw a 4WD parked on the side of the road and the driver seemed to be looking at the object as well. The caller subsequently rang ABC radio to find out if anyone else had reported it and he was asked to tell his story on air, which he did. ABC radio phoned the Bureau of Meteorology but they said from his description it was not a weather balloon. He also phoned the police but they had no other reports.

The witness felt disturbed by what he had seen and stated that he neither believed nor disbelieved in UFOs before this.


Smithfield Highway Garage, Spragueville Road, Smithfield, RI, United States


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