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Small bright blue/white ball of light over Chermside Forest Park

Small bright blue/white ball of light over Chermside Forest Park

I live in McDowall and our front balcony overlooks Chermside Bushland Reserve and the surrounding neighbourhood. We are on the top of a ridge line and are surrounded by trees to the north and east of our property.
The area was quite dark last night and I did not see any moon. I had been sitting on my front balcony from 9:30 to 11pm looking at my ipad, sending emails etc. When around 10:54pm (time I recorded after seeing the object) I noticed in the corner of my eye a bright glowing object move from behind the house pillar and into my view. I had been watching planes fly over all evening. The planes would come over the forest park north of here. This object was travelling more west – east, the planes would fly north – east.

It was a rather strange sighting. As soon as I saw the light come into view, I put down my ipad and watched it fly right infront of me for like 2 seconds then it shot direct upwards into the sky, as if it was to jump higher. This object was flying at what looked like 1 meter above my neighbours roof top. When it rose up I had heard a high pitch squeel too. There had been noisy crickets all night or a very high pitch insect nearby, but this object appeared to emit an even higher sound as it suddenly shot upwards after passing my eyes. I was perplexed by what I had saw. Was the object at a fair distance to me or was it in fact about 1 meter over my neighbour’s rooftop. It happened all too fast to tell, but i heard a quick noise for about 2 seconds.


McDowal, Queensland, Australia


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