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Slightly metallic white orb

Slightly metallic white orb

A slightly metallic white orb was sighted with my mother and I were driving. It was close enough that if it was a weather balloon I would have definitely noticed. It was also metallic and greatly reflected the sun; it was straight up just a metal ball. We both saw as I struggled to open my phone and take a photo. We drove over a small bridge with trees that obstructed our view but when we got over the bridge it had vanished. I do not believe it was a result of reflection in the car’s windshield, it was very solid and very real. I will also mention I saw the same object months before in New Zealand while on a plane, it also vanished but this time I got a photo of it if you wish to see. Although it very well might have been a weather balloon I don’t think they just disappear like that


Proserpine, QLD, Australia


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