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Sinnamon Park, Brisbane, Thursday August 31 2000, 7.30pm

Sinnamon Park, Brisbane, Thursday August 31 2000, 7.30pm

An observer saw a yellow flame to the north and he wondered if he was seeing an F1-11 with its afterburner on. The object came closer but there was no noise. It passed overhead at an estimated height of 500 metres. The man’s wife also saw the object that seemed to be moving towards the city with little pieces falling off descending towards the ground extinguishing in mid air. The object started to vary in brightness, got dimmer and was lost to view. It was seen for 3 to 4 minutes and was also observed with binoculars. The witness saw what looked like flames but no associated object. These flames were elongated just as you’d expect the afterburner flame to be. It moved in a straight line with an apparent length of 4cm at arm’s length and a thickness of ½ cm. He telephoned Amberley air base and Brisbane airport and Brisbane told him they had nothing on radar. The sky was clear.


Sinnamon Park, Queensland, Australia


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