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Sheldon, July 2 2008, 5.45am

Sheldon, July 2 2008, 5.45am

I woke up this morning because I needed to pee. We live on acreage and I am a guy so I went outside, and as I was nearly done I was looking out into the sky and I saw a small light (it looked far away) go straight up and then fade and disappear. I was intrigued so I stayed there. About twenty seconds later the same thing happened, but this light went straight down slightly right of the spot where I saw the first light go up. I’m not sure what it was but it wasn’t a plane and I haven’t seen a shooting star shoot straight up. It was about 5.45 this morning. I ran straight in and told my girlfriend — I was a bit excited. I live in Sheldon and the direction I was looking would have been around southeast but looking up.


Sheldon, Queensland, Australia


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