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Seventeen Mile Rocks, Monday June 7 1999, 7.45pm

Seventeen Mile Rocks, Monday June 7 1999, 7.45pm

Three witnesses observed 3 orange lights to the west moving east. One disappeared quickly, and the other 2 passed directly over the witnesses moving slowly. The lights seemed to be very high up, were seen for 5 to 10 minutes and crossed about 45 degrees of sky. No sound or navigation lights were noted. Toowoomba Monday 7th June 1999 [reports from our Toowoomba rep] Hovering orange light 2 to 3 minutes. Object fell from one side of it like molten lava. 2 minutes later, fell from other side of it. Moved to southwest then disappeared. 5 minute later witness came out of KFC and saw it again Disappeared in mid-air and street light went out at same time. Pilot reported blue flash behind clouds over Dalby. Lit up country side. He rang the Oakey air base and there was nothing in the sky at the time.


Seventeen Mile Rocks, Queensland, Australia


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