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Scarborough, Monday December 14 1998, 7.50pm

Scarborough, Monday December 14 1998, 7.50pm

Another woman reported two lights like bright stars moving together southwest to northeast. This witness was a an air hostess for 5 years, and judged the speed of the lights to be faster than an aircraft, possibly like that of a jet fighter. She observed the lights for only a matter of seconds. This and the above sighting could well be of the same incident. Cleveland is about 40 km south of Scarborough. Since both witnesses observed the same trajectory even though they are not on a northwest to southeast line, the objects would have passed at a considerable height above them and probably closer to the Scarborough observer. If we take the height to be 50 km, we estimate a speed of 7000 km/hr.


Scarborough, Queensland, Australia


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