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Sandy Bay [TAS], August 2004 [reported July 2005]

Sandy Bay [TAS], August 2004 [reported July 2005]

I was making a model for my school project at a friend’s house, we were mucking around with the clay and making funny shapes by dropping it from high up. My friend pointed out a plane in the sky, and told me what type of plane it was. We were looking north-east at the plane when I yelled out, because there in the south east was a cigar-shaped object, with four bright lights on its front. It was huge because we could see it next to the hills that the plane was over. It moved twice as fast and was triple as big. It gradually got smaller and I reached for my camera, but it faded into the clouds before I could film it. We decided it must be a mirage, or trick of the light, but further investigation showed that if we saw a car, plane or boat refracted into the sky, we’d see a lot more of them seeing as the weather was consistent, the road, port and airspace is busy. The thing was moving hugely fast, from far away…


Sandy Bay, Tasmania, Australia


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