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Samsonvale, January 12 2008, 4.00am

Samsonvale, January 12 2008, 4.00am

Two young women were driving south towards Samford when they saw a bright yellow light in the sky travelling below plane height. It descended to just above tree top height then began moving from one side of the road to the opposite side. This side to side movement continued for three minutes while the object continued pacing the girls as they drove. At its closest the object was estimated to be 50 metres from them and the size of a small car. The girls then drove into a service station and called to the attendant who also came outside to see the object, but by now it had moved further away. They all watched it for about seven minutes. The object then receded up into the sky but when the girls drove off it seemed to follow them again at the higher altitude. Around 4.30am they reached the home of one of the girls at Kedron. Her father came outside and saw the object too. The father had also had UFO sightings. The girl who reported the sighting had a sighting in New Zealand a couple of weeks prior. She had broken out in what she thought was a stress rash from the incident.


Samsonvale, Queensland, Australia


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