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Samford/Mt Nebo, February 29 2008, 8.40pm

Samford/Mt Nebo, February 29 2008, 8.40pm

I live at Camp Mountain and my house faces Mt. Nebo. I was wondering if anyone had contacted you to say they had seen a UFO over Mt. Nebo on February 29th at 8:40-9.00pm. My whole family witnessed what looked to be an extremely bright object with colourful lights in red, white and blue colours that were pulsating in a right to left pattern. It was clearly visible to us for at least six to eight minutes before fading out gradually, as if a cloud had passed over and covered it. It did not move or seem to be travelling, as I compared it with the tree branch outside my verandah. Just wondering if anyone else has reported something or if you might know what it was?


Mount Nebo, Queensland, Australia


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