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Samford, April 12 2008, 10.27am

Samford, April 12 2008, 10.27am

These photos (not shown) of a feathery cloud were taken by my 17 year old daughter at 10:27am on 12 April 2008. It was only when I downloaded it to computer two weeks later that I spotted the object just above the cloud. We didn’t notice it at the time. I was busy outside and asked her to take a photo of the cloud, which she did with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7 digital camera. The camera was on ‘continuous shoot’ setting and she took two photos in close succession purely by chance. The first image was taken at 10:27:52 with the second image taken only two seconds later at 10:27:54. The object had vanished in the two second time lapse. The original photos were not enhanced or changed in any way whatsoever. The photo was taken from our deck overlooking clear mountain in Yugar, Samford, north-west of Brisbane. Direction of photo is towards the north.


Samford Valley, Queensland, Australia


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