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Salisbury, 37 years ago, 11.00pm [reported February 9 2006]

Salisbury, 37 years ago, 11.00pm [reported February 9 2006]

A man and a woman were driving in a car on Lillian Avenue, Salisbury [a suburb of Brisbane] when they observed a saucer-like object in the sky. It seemed larger than a house and was hovering about 100 meters above nearby buildings. The object had an outer ring of lights moving one way and an inner ring moving the other way. They stopped and observed the object for two to three minutes, pinching themselves to check they weren’t dreaming. They were observing the object through the driver’s window and decided to drive to the end of the street and return on the other side to gain a closer view. They proceeded along the avenue and turned around only to discover the object had disappeared. The man reported that he would not have believed it had he not seen it himself and feels an unresolved anger about the matter. The woman has not been willing to talk about the incident since.


Salisbury, Queensland, Australia


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