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Rosewood, August 21 2006, 1:10am

Rosewood, August 21 2006, 1:10am

Early this morning, at 1:10am to 1:15am August 21, 2006, I happened to see an extremely bright white flash [hundreds of times brighter than Sirius] about 40° above the horizon at 30° [north-northeast] of here and thousands of kilometres in space, followed by four orange objects leaving this spot, swerving towards the west, southwest, southeast and east over the next five minutes or so. The speeds of the individual orange objects had to be in excess of 10,000km/h at a height in excess of 1,000km. I eventually lost sight of the individual orange objects as they disappeared behind high but sparse clouds. I have above average knowledge of aircraft and satellites, and above average knowledge of meteorology and astronomy [several years of detailed observations and study]. The only time I reported a sighting to the Air Force was a black triangle [50 metres tip to tip] coming from the direction of Amberley Air Force Base, then veering along this road at a height of about 15m, totally silent, no lights – was told ‘not one of ours, mate’.


Rosewood, Queensland, Australia


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