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Rooty Hill, Sydney, 2000/2001 [reported October 2006]

Rooty Hill, Sydney, 2000/2001 [reported October 2006]

I was outside my friend’s house standing against his fence, doing my business, looking directly up at the evening sky. It must have been just after the sun had dropped below the horizon when I saw what appeared to be a very bright and large shooting star with a long tail. While I was thinking of something to wish for I noticed that it was still going, longer than any shooting star I have ever seen, and slower too. It was moving in a south to north direction. Once the flames stopped I was amazed to see that it kept going, and even more amazed that it had now become three dark balls, with clearly visible silhouettes against the dark evening sky. They looked attached somehow but I couldn’t tell how, and they stayed in perfect formation until they disappeared behind the trees. Despite my constant screams of HEY QUICK COME HERE, everyone I know was too lazy to come out in time. So now I just feel stupid and don’t talk about it much. It was an exciting 30 seconds or so though.


Rooty Hill, New South Wales, Australia


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