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Roma, September 19, 1998

Roma, September 19, 1998

It was late at night, around 1.00am, and I was staying at a friend’s house overnight. Myself and two others were sitting outside stargazing when we saw what we thought was a satellite passing overhead. It was a bright white light that was only slightly brighter than the stars around us. However, its movements soon became erratic — it suddenly zoomed at a right-angle to its original heading and appeared to come closer (it got brighter and slightly larger). It then changed direction again and began zipping back and forth in the sky, changing direction at random and moving way too fast to be a plane and executing turns which no plane could possibly do — especially given how far away the object looked. It never got brighter or larger then Venus looks in the sky, and most of the time it was only a little brighter then the other stars around it. However it did appear to come closer before zipping further away again. It covered a huge amount of space in the sky and continued its movements for at least 20 minutes before it suddenly executed another impressive turn and shot across the sky, vanishing into the distance. My friends and I were rather spooked by it and at the time were too scared to call for others while it was above us. Even though it was incredibly far away, there was something quite frighting about it.


Roma, Queensland, Australia


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