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Rochedale South, Tuesday October 14 2002, 11.30pm

Rochedale South, Tuesday October 14 2002, 11.30pm

A woman walked to the local shop to buy a packet of cigarettes. She saw a big light coming in towards the city area and then it stopped. She then noticed 2 other orange glowing lights travel overhead taking approx. 2 minutes to do so. The objects were a bit brighter than a star and travelling in a straight line. One of the objects seemed to occasionally wobble. She stated she had seen satellites and these were not satellites. By this time her son had joined her and they also spotted 3 other objects in the sky that were moving in very small circles. She telephoned her mother, a neighbour and others to look at the objects who all reported seeing them. The woman has seen unusual objects before.

About twenty years ago she was with her father in Newcastle when they saw a plane surrounded by 7 cigar-shaped objects. This incident was later reported on the news.

On another occasion 13 years ago in Coffs Harbour, she was coming home from work at 2.30am when she saw a massive big light burst out of the ocean and fly straight up into the sky with a burst of noise.


Rochedale South, Queensland, Australia


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