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Rifle Range Beach, Queensland

Rifle Range Beach, Queensland

Midnight to dawn 12-13th May 2003.
I went for a walk pre midnight of the 12th may 2003. As I crossed Rifle Range Beach from north to south I noticed on the horizon a bright yellow light that cast a pencil thin beam all the way to the shore like the moon. Seconds after I had looked at it, it began to rise above the horizon. I moved further to the south of the beach and sat down. I do not recall there being a moon that night but it was well lit and starry. I watched the object moving in the sky for about an hour and half. It rose and fell slowly and generally moved about but never in a fast way. I moved further to the south of the beach( I lived and still do live about a further 200 m south of here) I sat on a log lit a cigarette and watched. About this time I noticed sky was beginning to turn light blue and I watched this thing until the sun began to come up. The strange thing is I would say I had only watched it for 2 hours max and now it was somehow sunup. I went home and went to bed. That night on Southeast Queensland news I saw something about UFOs and crop circles at Kin Kin and Pomona at the Glass House Mountains that night on Sunshine Coast. I assumed they were connected.




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