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Richlands, Saturday February 22 2002, 9.50pm

Richlands, Saturday February 22 2002, 9.50pm

A woman happened to look out a front window from a darkened room and on the acreage property of a neighbour across the road to the north she saw what at first seemed to be the front of a very high truck seen by moonlight. When she looked closer she saw a giant dome-shaped vehicle accompanied by four pods that seemed to be scraping things off the ground as they went, with arm-like appendages. The object was moving slowly towards her and was only about 30 meters away at last sighting. She went to another room to turn on an outside light, and when she looked again the object was gone. In the moonlight the object looked metallic grey and was about 5 metres wide with the pods extending beyond its own width being about a meter in size.


Richlands, Queensland, Australia


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