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Regency Downs, November 18 1998, 3.15am

Regency Downs, November 18 1998, 3.15am

A group was up watching for an expected meteor shower. Over a period of about 15 minutes they saw a total of 5 objects pass over. The witness reporting had served in the US Navy for 4 years and described the objects as having the brightness of an average star, seeming to be in our atmosphere and moving faster than commercial planes or the Space Shuttle, as seen from the ground. The first object went north to south, the second west to east, the third passed overhead to the southwest, the fourth went south to north and was seen from horizon to horizon, the fifth went north to south. Another witness reported that a group of three, also watching for the meteor shower saw two unusual objects. A third witness also watching for meteors at Clayfield at 3.30 am also reported unusual objects. A fourth witness also out at 3.20am flashed his torch at what he took to be a UFO. The object responded by turning on and off a few times.


Regency Downs, Queensland, Australia


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