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Refer sighting details

Refer sighting details

Date – 22nd August 2018
Time – 6.45 pm
Region – Bribie Island
Sky – CLEAR (No clouds – only moon and venus noticeable in that region of the sky at that time.)
Size – It appeared slightly larger than Venus. It passed right in front of Venus and obscured the planet briefly.
Shape- The shape could not be determined – even through binoculars – as the brightness of the light prevented any physical determination. Only visible things were 3 lights which appeared to be under the object.
Height – UNCERTAIN – Having viewed many planes from take off also overhead at around 30,000 ft I would guesstimate 10 to 20,000 ft
Degrees – Approx 35 degrees from horizon. (based on clenched fist being 10 degrees)
Travel – NW to SE
Travel Speed – based on known plane flight – Approx 3-400 mph
Sound – None
Time in view – 1 TO 2 mins.
Witnesses – 2 ( My wife and I)
Videoed – NO

Description – Solid white light with naked eye – 3 solid lights underneath with binoculars. ( Skymaster – Celestron binoculars) Note the 3 lights where within the solid white light and in a triangle formation. The viewing lasted approx. 2 mins. The light travelled in a straight direction with no erratic movement and no decrease or increase in speed. After the 2 mins the light simply faded into nothing.

As I actively look skyward of a night and as Bribie Island is sometimes the direction taken by planes taking off from Brisbane airport, I am more than familiar with the landing lights and all other navigational and warning lights on these aircraft.
Also this light was travelling in a direction never travelled by aircraft over Bribie. ( Maybe occasionally in the day during a training flight out of Caboolture.) Whether it was a new silent military design or a flying saucer will never be determined, however, this was a genuine UFO in the true meaning of the acronym.




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