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Redcliffe, 1980 [reported October 2004]

Redcliffe, 1980 [reported October 2004]

This report is about 20 years too late but I never told anyone because I thought people would think we were nuts.

It was 1980, 24 years ago – my husband and I were travelling in the early hours of the morning between Redcliffe south on the Bruce highway, towards Kedron where he was doing shift work about 2am in the Bald Hills area of the highway. Needless to say it was perfectly still at that hour when suddenly a blindingly bright light appeared over the top of our car and travelled exactly at the same speed we were. There was no sound accompanying the light, not a hum nothing — nor notice of it approaching our car — it just suddenly appeared over the top of our car almost as if someone switched on a gigantic torch over it. It also appeared to be perfectly round on the ground around us. I was terrified and we couldn’t speak. It stayed with us for several minutes then disappeared as quickly as it had come. I did phone the Bureau of Meteorology and they gave me some story about it perhaps being the reflection of a storm! Okay. We realised we would look like idiots so never spoke of it to anyone but it happened. [Ah, the power of ‘authority.’ – PP]


Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia


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