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Redcliffe, 1967 [reported November 2003]

Redcliffe, 1967 [reported November 2003]

Does anyone remember the sightings of three UFOs over the water in front of the Redcliffe roller skating rink? It was around 1967. My brothers and I were at the skate rink and at intermission, we went outside for a breather. Suddenly we saw lights in the water coming from Moreton Island travelling under the water or so we thought. We were only kids, my older brothers were in their teens and I also had a younger brother who remembers this. We watched these lights for a while then I remember they looked like they were rising up out of the water. We screamed and I remember others running and screaming and that’s all I remember.

We lived on the waterfront at the time and my younger brother and I share two experiences through ‘dreams.’ The dreams are so vivid that they have been with us forever. We never spoke of our experiences as I thought it was my dream, but I started drawing and my brother looked at me astounded and said ‘Where did you see that?’ We got talking and started filling the gaps of the two dreams we shared. It was amazing because we would finish each other’s sentence describing our experience to the letter. We laughed hysterically and tears welled up in our eyes.

This was our first dream [experience]: We were visiting our neighbours on the downstairs floor, watching television. Suddenly I heard something outside and looked through the window, peeping through the curtain, and saw little people coming out of a craft. This was some thirty-five years ago – no X-Files programs on TV to help our imagination. Anyway, these beings were coming towards our unit and it was as if everything in the room had frozen and my brother and I were talking to each other in our minds. I knew what he was thinking. I was scared because they were coming for us and everything blacked out. Then we woke up on a table, but the table was not a table that we know. It was a beam of bright white light and both of us were laying opposite each other. We could still see other and I remember looking across at him and there were these taller beings about four or five just observing him. His thoughts travelled into my head and he was scared just as I was. They spoke telepathically and said that everything was alright they were not going to harm us, but I was terrified. There was a moment when I saw a needle-like object coming over my stomach, like a finepoint extra long needle, something I have only seen now on X-Files and which really freaked me out when I saw it because it brought back many broken images which I had pushed to the back of my mind for years. I blacked out after the needle and woke up in my bed the next moment. I never spoke of it to anyone, not even my parents, because they might have thought I was crazy. They were dreams and that’s how I dealt with my strange experience. To this day there are times where I have dreams of being on a craft-interior that is smooth and there are no joins on the walls, just corridors and some sort of strange symbols on the walls. Other dreams are of hundreds of lights in the sky like an invasion and then I wake up. Also, the number 1111 comes up in my day-to-day activities, mostly the clock, but its like I feel like this is some sort of key to something I should know about but can’t quite understand, My brother is the same. Weird hey, but that’s my story. If anyone was witness to the skating rink experience I would love to hear it.


Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia


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