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Redbank Plains, date unknown 2003, 6:50pm

Redbank Plains, date unknown 2003, 6:50pm

I am 28yrs of age and have worked for the Australian Quarantine Service for 8 years. I was with my family – Dad 67, Mum 56, Sister 26 and her boyfriend 25 earlier this evening – sitting outside on a veranda in semi-rural Redbank Plains. The property is 45 acres in size and fairly isolated and you get a good view of the stars – ie you can see the clouds of gas etc in the Milky Way. At about 18:50, we had just finished dinner and were looking at the stars and talking about Mars beginning to recede in size and brightness from what it was several weeks ago. My sister’s boyfriend spotted what he thought was a “falling star” high up in the south-eastern sky. This drew the group’s attention to that area. When the rest of the group looked, there was nothing to be seen. About two minutes later, my father spotted movement in the same area and again drew the group’s attention. Him and I both saw what looked like a shooting star become very bright and then begin to diminish and then fade. At this stage, we thought nothing much of it.

We kept an eye in the general vicinity of the area, when my Dad announced that he could see a small light moving from that area. All in the group could see the light – it was very tiny. At first we thought it to be a satellite – which we have often seen passing over. I would describe it as a pinpoint of light. While we watched the light, it began moving in an easterly direction in a straight line – after travelling about two hand spans it came to a complete stop. We all tried to keep an eye on it, because if you looked away, it was very hard to focus on again. About one minute later the object began moving again – this time in a westerly direction. Again it stopped, but this time we were able to keep an eye on it – it remained stationery for a minute or two, and then began moving in a northerly direction. The object was “hooting” along – far faster than any satellite or jet I have ever seen. In order to see it better, we cupped our hands to our eyes. The object picked up speed and moved at an astonishing pace across the sky. It travelled in a straight line and this time moved many handspans across the sky. It appeared to pass just below Mars.

We were all amazed at what we watching, but the icing on the cake was when we noticed another light – exactly the same – moving in a southerly direction at about the same speed. This light was seen about 4 hands spans to the left of Mars. The two lights passed each other just to the left of Mars without stopping. The first kept moving in a northerly direction and was soon lost in the glow of the lights from Brisbane. The second light continued at the same speed in a direct line to the south, but we soon lost sight of it as it faded into obscurity. Both objects were extremely high in the sky.

We kept watching the sky for about half an hour but could not detect any more movement or anything of consequence. We compared the lights to the planes that we could see in the sky – of which there were plenty – but there is no way that these were planes. Their speed was astonishing, as was the first light’s initial movement. No sounds could be heard from the two lights. The night was clear with no clouds present in the sky. The lights remained a constant colour and brightness being about that of a faint star].

This is the first time any one in the group has seen anything like this – I have seen plenty of falling stars/meteors/comets etc, but have never ever seen anything that has made me feel like this. I have never reported anything like this before. I have goosebumps now as I type this and read your site… now I’m a believer.


Redbank Plains, Queensland, Australia


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