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Redbank Creek near Esk, QLD, March 17 2009

Redbank Creek near Esk, QLD, March 17 2009

The caller witnessed a bright white circular light emitting from the nearby creek. He first saw it emanating through the trees on the side of the creek. His wife woke up and she saw it too. The light was 2 metres in diameter and seemed to be hovering above the water. It moved down the creek for 50 metres, paused, then moved back to its original position. Then it moved in the opposite direction and he watched it for 20 minutes before it disappeared.

Six years ago, between 7 and 9pm one night, he and his wife were at a BBQ with four other couples. They all saw an orange light in the sky that hovered over them for a few seconds before disappearing to the north “faster than a speeding bullet”.
On another occasion they were returning from Ipswich and saw five black helicopters being followed by a white light that disappeared.

On another occasion while driving to Toogoolawah a bright light descended behind their vehicle, lighting up the interior of the car. It stayed momentarily then vanished. The light made no noise.

When he was three years old he was “sleepwalking” and stumbled across a presence in a shroud. It told him to “never to be afraid”. When he was going through a divorce he kept hearing a voice that repeatedly said Asha-Hama. He later discovered it meant Shaman or Indian Spiritual Man.


Redbank Creek, Queensland, Australia


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