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Ravenswood, Central Queensland, 1991 [reported December 2006]

Ravenswood, Central Queensland, 1991 [reported December 2006]

I wish to report a sighting of a Min-Min light between the Burdekin Dam and Ravenswood. It was in May or June 1991. There were five of us in the car. We all worked at the Coutts Burdekin Wilderness Lodge and were on our way to Townsville for a night out. The light followed the car, through the trees for about fifteen minutes. It looked like a car headlight. At first it was behind us on the left hand-side, then it caught up to us and overtook us, then went across in front of the car and was travelling beside us on the right hand-side. It then seemed to slow and the last we saw it, it was directly behind the car and further back. We were all quite frightened at the time and trying to explain what it could be. What I found most strange is that the incident was never really discussed again between us, even though we lived and worked together. The wilderness lodge closed down at the end of June and we all lost contact. I have thought about the incident many times since and I would be a sceptic if I hadn’t witnessed the phenomena for myself.


Ravenswood, Queensland, Australia


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