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Randwick NSW, January 31 2010, 11.50pm

Randwick NSW, January 31 2010, 11.50pm

At around 11:50PM last night 31st January 2010, whilst looking out from a Randwick, third-level balcony facing the city skyscraper, I heard a very loud engine that sounded like a plane. When I looked up there was a very large white shuttle-looking object with numerous large red and blue lights shining very brightly from underneath. I am afraid I was the only witness as far as I know. It was like nothing I have ever seen before. The shear sound of the engine and the bright lights was enough for me to believe this was no ordinary vessel. [Editor’s note: this object was quite likely that enormous Russian airlifter that visited Australia at that time – it looks just like the space shuttle.]


Randwick, New South Wales, Australia


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