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Quirindi, NSW, early December 2010

Quirindi, NSW, early December 2010

It was somewhere between the 1st and 7th of December, 2010. I was standing outside around 11.00pm and it was overcast. I was looking up at the sky when I realised there was a diffuse circular light above my head, behind the clouds (or in the clouds). The light started to move around erratically — left, right, forwards, back and so on, but staying above my head like it was trying to get my attention. It moved over on the other side of the sky, then it zipped back in an instant and over my head out of sight. When I first saw it I was puzzled and even though I was seeing this light I found it hard to believe what I was seeing. You probably understand the feeling well. Several years ago now I had a vision of aliens, a psychic vision. I’ve only had two visions that clear, one of the Egyptians and the Mayan aliens. Like you were watching them on TV.


Quirindi, New South Wales, Australia


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