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Queensland [reported June 2007]

Queensland [reported June 2007]

A woman called to report that when she was a child one evening she heard the family dogs barking. She stepped outside to see what was causing the ruckus and felt a buzzing sensation on the top of her head. She looked towards the shed in the backyard where her father used an amateur radio and saw a small being leaning back into the shadows so as to remain hidden. The being also seemed not to like the light. She described the being as having white translucent skin, big almond shaped eyes, pointy chin, long limbs, thin figure and about the height of a child. The buzzing sensation on her head was also hot and she put her two hands on her head and pressed down to stop the feeling. She screamed and ran up the stairs and fell in the back door of the house. Her father immediately knew what the cause of her fright was.

Her father is now deceased but while alive he had a keen interest in UFOs and collected UFO magazines which he kept hidden in his shed. He was a WW2 communications expert who built his own radio and would sit at it for hours. The woman thinks her father might have been listening for signals of unknown origin and he would create written records of what she described as Morse code transmissions. After her father died a man came to the family home and was adamant that he have the radio. This man was from the private electronics sector and when her mother gave him the radio he also took the many books that her father had recorded the Morse code in.


Queensland, Australia


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