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Queensland (location unknown), January 28 2008, 7.10.00pm

Queensland (location unknown), January 28 2008, 7.10.00pm

Last night (Jan. 28th 08) at 7.10pm something odd happened. I went outside to water the path. Lucky (our silky terrier) came out with me and he wandered down to the gate in case something needed barking at. The next moment he came racing up to me with his tail down looking confused – at that moment I heard a ‘whoosh’ along the dirt road which was 10 metres from me, going north to south. I looked up and down at the road and couldn’t see anything. I took Lucky back into the house with me; he remained terrified for at least three quarters of an hour, even following me into the bathroom which he normally doesn’t do. The woman over the road was watering but she didn’t seem to notice anything – the whoosh lasted for only about half a second (I have very good hearing). If I analyse the situation, the ‘thing’ had to be about one metre up as there was no dust raised. It had to have been travelling extremely fast or I would have seen something (like you can’t see a bullet once shot, as it travels faster than our eyes can track it). By the sound of the whoosh I’d hazard a guess that the object might have been an object about 3/4 metre diameter and the ‘whoosh’ was the air it displaced. Because the dog seemed confused for a while after, maybe it was still around but not so close. Later that night a girlfriend who is currently interested in some blue lights she can see over a hilltop, which is also opposite our house, rang me up to ask me if I could see the blue lights. Unfortunately, due to trees in the way, and also seeing the hills from a different angle, I was unable to spot anything.


Queensland, Australia


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