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Pre dawn sighting. Forbes NSW. May 18, 2021, approx 5:05 am.

Pre dawn sighting. Forbes NSW. May 18, 2021, approx 5:05 am.

I had to start work earlier than normal so I was up at 5;00 am instead of normal 6;30. I grabbed an ice coffee from the fridge and went outside on the porch to have a cigarette before getting ready for work. The porch is on the western side of my place, so naturally I was looking at the sky and stars in the western sky. After a few minutes, I had a strange compulsion to look at a certain part of the dark sky. I was drawn toward the constellation ” the dolphin” which was about 35 degrees above the west horizon and about 15 degrees north of west. There I saw 2 pinpoints of light that were moving. Too slow to be satellites or meteors. The lights were tracking NW to SE. The two lights seemed to be following each other on the exact course, except the second light was a short distance behind and slightly to the north of the first light. The first light intensified and a short time after the second following light got brighter as well. I watched both lights for at least 6-8 minutes until they went far out into the east, where the pre dawn glow was just starting to appear. They both faded out and I lost sight of them. Forbes NSW May 18, 2021, approx 5;05 am.


Forbes. NSW, Australia.


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