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Port Douglas, April 3 2012, 2.30am

Port Douglas, April 3 2012, 2.30am

A friend and I witnessed a dancing light in the sky between the hours of 2:30am and 3:15am this morning 3rd April. We were sitting on a beach at Port Douglas Qld. I looked into the clear night sky as we were talking about the moon disappearing behind the mountains when I noticed far off, high in the distance, a silver blue twinkling star which I hadn’t noticed there earlier in the night.

As I lit up a smoke I saw the light slowly move from side to side across the sky. I pointed the light out to my friend, and as we both zoned in on the light it started moving at a unbelievably fast speed, so erratic yet with no effort at all. As we discussed what it could be we noticed another light blinking in another part of the sky. We believed that this second object would have been an aircraft. The unidentified light had seemed to have stopped. We settled back down into the sand and continued talking, then the light started moving again, almost seeming like it was splitting into two and back into one again. We watched this show for 45 minutes or so before packing up and leaving the beach as the early morning cold had settled in.

It’s not the first time I have seen lights in the night sky. But this time I was not alone. It was awesome to experience this with another person…. It made the car ride home very interesting.


Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia


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