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Pinbarren, New Years Eve 2004 [reported October 2005]

Pinbarren, New Years Eve 2004 [reported October 2005]

On New Years Eve, my friend and I were standing on top of a hill in the area of Pinbarren, which is where I live. The two of us were standing on the hill awaiting the final minutes of 2004, also hoping to see some fireworks. When 12:00am finally struck we heard a neighbour cry out, “Happy New Year”. Not out of the ordinary but what came next was. We were standing there looking around, and this bright red object, which we thought was some new wacky fireworks, hovered around for a minute over what we thought to be Pomona. It disappeared after a short time, then reappeared about five minutes later. We came to the conclusion that this object was not fireworks but rather a UFO. Another conclusion was made that the UFO was hovering over the paddock next door to my house only about 50 meters away. Very mysterious indeed. What also gave further evidence to our sighting was that a bright red object, most likely very much the same to the one the two of us saw, was sighted flying vertically from the horizon of the ocean at Coolum. By the way, I consider myself to be a bit off the norm from regular “blokes” in Australia, nevertheless my story is not fabricated for the sake of amusement or childish behaviour.


Pinbarren, Queensland, Australia


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