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Peak Downs Highway, close to Dane Street Walkerston, Mackay, Saturday 11/21/2015, 12:30 AM

Peak Downs Highway, close to Dane Street Walkerston, Mackay, Saturday 11/21/2015, 12:30 AM

Sighting Description

Sighting Sketch(attach document)

Where were you when you first observed the UFO?

In a vehicle

Were you looking through


How was the object observed?

Naked eye

What were you doing when you first observed UFO?


How did the UFO come to your attention?

Saw a light


How large was its apparent size?

about the size of a street light seen at about 150 metres in front of you

What was its shape?


What was its colour?


Was it clearly outlined?


Did it separate into parts?


Did you notice:

Steady Lights

What did it do?

Moved across sky, Rotated, Changed Direction, Other

How was it lost to view?

it just disappeared

In what direction?

from south towards north, then north east, then north north west, then north west, then slightly west south west

At what angle to the horizon?

80 degrees (?) almost over us

Could you estimate its speed and distance?

not really, steady speed, too fast for us to photograph it or video it

At what angle to horizon?

not quite straight up, so I think about 80 degrees

Sighting Description

In front



Yes – there was a light pole in front of us with wires, not clearly visible because it was dark.

Were there any effects on the following?

Did you notice any physical effects or evidence?

What were the weather conditions like at the time?


Did you see any of the following?

Stars, Planets

Describe area of sighting (You can select more than one)


Did the sighting occur over any of the following?

Other you may feel significant

Is there any photographic evidence?


Please give names and contact details for any witnesses

I can find this out if needed but passengers generally dont give out that information. I took him to 3 Patricia Ct.

Do you have any qualifications which might help you to identify what you saw?


Above average knowledge of:

Have you read UFO literature?



Peak Downs Highway, close to Dane Street Walkerston, Mackay


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