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Peak Crossing, Ipswich, May 8, 2011, 3.00pm

Peak Crossing, Ipswich, May 8, 2011, 3.00pm

I was sitting at my computer and looked out the window (as if something told me to look out) and I saw this round/oval shaped object in the sky. It was fairly high up but underneath the clouds it didn’t look too big in size. It was really fast, and as it turned to its side the sun shone onto it and it was silver metal and it literally disappeared in front of my eyes. All of a sudden it reappeared a little higher in the sky. I saw underneath the object and it was a reddish-orange colour with what looked to me like weird patterns as well. It then flew across the sky. I ran outside but could not see where it went. I was very disappointed because I was inside and only saw a few seconds of it. It definitely did not have wings!!


Peak Crossing, Queensland, Australia


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